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Control your home, elegantly.

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Control All Your HomeKit Accessories

Easily check and control all your HomeKit-enabled devices straight from your iOS device with the beautiful Hesperus app.

  • Lights
  • Switches
  • Thermostats
  • and more…

Full Support for HomeKit Features

Hesperus is a full-featured HomeKit app.

  • Group your devices into spaces for easy navigation
  • Create custom scenes to control multiple devices with one tap
  • Set up schedules and event-triggered actions to suit your lifestyle
  • Control your devices remotely (a 3rd generation or later Apple TV required)
  • and more…


Create custom scenes to manage settings of any combination of devices. Apply a scene easily with just a swipe.


Use Schedules to streamline your routines. Don't waste your morning on turning on lights and adjusting thermostats.


Set up event-triggered actions to simplify your life. Turn on the doorway lights when you arrive home after sunset.